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OpenDocument Tools at OpenOffice.org

Tools at OpenOffice.org
Tool Summary
SAXEcho SAXEcho is a tool to be used with the OpenOffice.org application. It allows to view the XML representation of a document at runtime. It can either display the native XML file format representation of an in-memory document, or the output of an an XSLT transformation on said document. It is written in Java.
xfilter tool This page documents the xfilter tool, which lets you execute XML-based filters (as explained in the Filters using XML document) outside of OpenOffice.org or StarOffice.

External OpenDocument Tools

External Tools
Tool Summary
The Perl OpenDocument Connector This toolkit allows direct OpenDocument file update and creation from Perl scripts. It works with the main document classes (texts, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings).
CMFOODocument OpenOffice Documents for icoya Content & Collaboration Management - With CMFOODocument OpenOffice Writer files can easily be integrated inside your Plone site. The OO-Documents are converted by XSL transformation into HTML.
OpenOffice.org Perl Library The OpenOffice.org Perl Library (ooolib) can be used to create simple OpenOffice.org Calc spreadsheet and Writer text documents.
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