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Source Code Modules in the OpenOffice.org XML Project

The following modules belong to the OpenOffice.org XML project:

Modules in XML Project
Module Function Browse Source
xmloff The module xmloff contains the document type definitions (DTDs) for the OpenOffice.org XML based file format. It also contains most of the C++ code to read and write these files and OpenDOcument files through the SAX interface. Some additional code exists within the application modules. source
sax The module sax contains XML parser and XML writer components, both based on the SAX 1 interface. The parser itself is using James Clark's XT. source
package The package module contains the Zip file access API implementation, the "generic" package API implementation and support for the XML Manifest file. source
xmerge The xmerge module contains the sources for the "Document Editing on Small Devices" project. This project is documented ">here. source
filtertools The filtertools module contains a tool for running XML-based filters outside of OpenOffice.org. The tool is documented here. source
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