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Filters and Conversions based on OpenDocument/OpenOffice.org XML

Filters and Conversions based on OpenDocument/OpenOffice.org XML
Document Summary
OpenOffice.org's DocBook filter Allows you to load and save DocBook files with OpenOffice.org through XSLT. The filter is meant as proof of concept and does not support all DocBook elements. Community support is appreciated.
Eric Bellot's DocBook converter This is another approach at translating between OpenOffice.org XML and DocBook. Eric Bellot uses Python and XSLT to perform the transformation. With examples and description.
OpenOffice.org XML export to strict XHTML 1.0 Svante Schubert's XSL transformation for the creation of strict XHTML 1.0 from OpenOffice.org XML. Used for the online version of the Developers's Guide. Delivered with StarOffice/OpenOffice.org as optional sample filter
Writer2LaTeX Henrik Just's Writer2LaTeX converter is a command line utility and also a OO-exportfilter which converts OpenOffice.org documents to LaTeX and HTML. It is written in Java.
Flat XML Filter The 'flat' XML filter lets you read and write office documents in plain XML files, i.e. without ZIP packages.
OOO2txt Frederic Labbe's OOO2txt tool generates a plain text representation of OpenOffice.or documents.
libwpd William Lachance's libwpd and WordPerfect filter for OpenOffice.org Writer
OOo to HTML Steve Slaven's StarOffice/OpenOffice.org to HTML converter. Uses XSLTproc and ImageMagick.
OpenSHORE SMRL Metaparser Filter Package A JAR filter package that reads "Semantic Markup Rule Language" (SMRL) specifications and creates OpenSHORE XML, XML Topic Maps (XTM), W3C RDF or Graph eXchange Language (GXL) files from OpenDocument Text documents (*.odt).
pcwTextExportr This Tool provides export of OpenOffice.org SXW/ODT files (OpenOffice.org 1.x -3.x) and Microsoft Word DOC/DOCX files to XML (Docbook), RTF, HTML (Docbook), HTML help (HHP file) and PDF (with bookmarks). It works standalone without OpenOffice or Word installed.
Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) This package provides import and export XSLT stylesheets, a template file, to allow Open Office (version 1.1 and later) to open TEI XML documents, and save OO documents as TEI XML. The XSLT stylesheets effectively provide a mapping between the TEI DTD and the OpenOffice schema.
RDF Ticker Template and Package Daten RDF Ticker template and export using XSLT, by Wieser Informationstechnik
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