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Articles and Books

Articles and Books
Document Summary
OASIS OpenDocument Essentials OASIS OpenDocument Essentials introduces you to the XML that serves as the native internal format of OpenOffice.org. You should read this book if you want to extract data from an OpenDocument document, convert your data to an OpenDocument document, or simply find out how OpenOffice.org stores its data under the hood. The book is written by J. David Eisenberg for O'Reilly & Associates; the content is currently licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Adventures with OpenOffice and XML An article on XML.com, which shows how to use the XML File Format within the AxKit content management system.
Thinking XML: The open office file format A nice introduction to the OpenOffice.org XML File Format; also goes into standardization at OASIS. Introduces the general document structure and demonstrates how to extract content.
From Open Source to Open Standard: The OASIS OpenDocument Format Paper for the "From Open Source to Open Standard: The OASIS OpenDocument Format" XTech 2005 presentation by Michael Brauer.

More articles and book on OpenDocument can be found at opendocument.xml.org.

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