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Document - ID Specification Owner Status
Conforms to
Applies to sw, officecfg
Task ID(s) Main Task: i17563
Follow-up issues: i103070
Documentation: 103107
Automation: 103104
Category Enhancement


The Paste Unformatted Text command exists in OpenOffice.org, but lacks direct shortcut.

This specification defines the association of a new function "Paste Unformatted Text"
with a keyboard shortcut (CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-V on Windows/Linux, Cmd-Option-Shift-V on Mac)
The chosen shortcut is already used in Mac OS X platform, and equivalent shortcut is chosen for Windows/Linux for cross-platform consistency.

Reference: here.
"Apply the style of the surrounding text to the inserted object (Paste and Match Style)"

The greatest advantage is that, no matter where the copied content originated from (Web page, another office program, ...),
the pasted text adapts its formatting to the document it is pasted in.

i-Team Members (The specification owner is part of the i-Team)

Name E-mail Address
User Experience Mox Soini mox@openoffice.org
Development Mox Soini mox@openoffice.org
Quality Assurance Éric Savary es@openoffice.org
Documentation UFI ufi@openoffice.org

Document Change History

Rev. Level Change Initials Date
0.1 initial version mox 2009-06-13
0.2 Issues added es 2009-06-25


Make the important text handling UI flow more fluently and more efficient
by setting a shortcut to a function which is used very often but cannot be accessed/mapped to a keyboard shortcut.

User Scenarios

A user copies text from a Web page and pastes it to the document he works on.
The pasted text adapts its formatting to the document it is pasted in,
so that no additional work is needed.


Give the user a quick and easy way to integrate pasted content into an existing document.

Requirements and Dependencies


Shortcut key: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-V on Windows/Linux, Cmd-Option-Shift-V on Mac

Technical Dependencies

Not known.

Competitive Analyses

  • Apple's iWork, TextEdit, Safari have this functionality directly available per shortcut.
  • Thunderbird offers a Paste Without Formatting in the context menu of an edited e-mail.

Detailed Specification

See also requirements.

Shortcut key: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-V on Windows/Linux, Cmd-Option-Shift-V on Mac

String list

Item English German French Spanish Comments
Menu item Paste Unformatted Text Unformatierter Text einfügen Coller texte non formaté Pegar texto sin formato

(this menu item is not enabled by default, but user must enabled it for the shortcut to work on Mac OS X.
This is due to issue 103102)

Error Conditions

Existing Unformatted text dimming.


Not needed.

Known Issues

103102: Allow the use of cmd+option on MAC OSX


None at this time.


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