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In-place editing of Input Fields

Purpose of this page is provide information on the solution for Issue 33737 . This information should serve the corresponding quality assurance efforts. It can be also used as the source for the corresponding user interface changes for the users.

Input Fields - three of a kind

We have three fields which are all named 'Input Field' in the user interface each for different purpose.

Text Input Field

This is a field to prompt the user for an input. The field has a description and its content holds the user's input.

In the OpenDocument file format (ODF) such a field is represented by ODF element <text:text-input>.

When importing Microsoft Word documents (binary file format, *.doc) Microsoft Word fields FILLIN and FORMTEXT are imported as Text Input Fields.

The user interface to create such a field is found in the Fields dialog (Menu - Insert - Fields - Others) on pane Functions. Here the user has to choose Type 'Input Field'.

dialog to create Text Input Field

User Variable Input Field

This is a field to the value of a user variable ODF <text:user-field-input>

Simple Variable Input Field

ODF <text:variable-input>

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