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Writer Project

Please view the guidelines
before contributing.

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This is the home of the OpenOffice.org Word Processing Project. Its heart is the Writer application but it also comprises the OpenOffice.org Formula Editor Math, the integration of the linguistic components (spell checker, hyphenator, thesaurus) and some document filters for formats of other word processors. The linguistic components themselves are part of the lingucomponent project.

Communication Channels

If you want to discuss your ideas about the components of our project, please use the mailto:users@openoffice.apache.org or mailto:dev@openoffice.apache.org mailing lists. If you have an enhancement or a feature request or if you want to report a bug please use our Issue Tracker. We recommend to read some documentation about issue handling before.






Developers wanted. -- feel free to put your name and your area of expertise


User Documentation provided by the Documentation Project

If you have some questions that can't be answered by these documents please send them to our mailto:users@openoffice.org mailing list. If you prefer to discuss your questions in your own language please go to the home page of the OpenOffice.org Native Language project that matches your language. The home page of the selected language project should guide you to its users mailing list.



Internal Documentation

API Documentation


For an overview about opportunities for new developers see Writer/ToDo.

If you want to contribute something to the project you don't need to be a developer. Please read more about contributing if you are interested.

Ongoing Efforts

Planned Efforts/ToDos

Stalled Efforts

Completed Efforts

Integrated Patches

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