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This page describes the behavior of the Word Completion feature in Writer (sometime called auto-completion.)

How Does It Work?

To be completed…


Hard to discover conceptual model

  • The nature of words in the Word Completion List might be hard to understand:
    • A minimal length is required for the words to be in the list, but that option is hard to find in the Tools > AutoCorrect… > Word Completion tab. As a consequence, the user might not understand that there is such a minimal length.
    • Only words of the dictionary are allowed in the Word Completion List when AutoSpellCheck is on. Although it is explicitly told in the Help page about Word Completion, the user might be unaware of that behavior, and consequently be confused by the fact that some typed words do not appear in completion list. See Issue 29293 .
    • The origin of default Word Completion List is unclear (dictionary?).
  • Alphabetical order is used to present suggestions from the Word Completion List (what about languages such as Chinese that do not have alphabetical order?). Since Word Completion is a feature designed to assist the user in typing words, the user might rather expect an order based on frequency and/or recentness. See Issue 9380 .

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