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:[[MediaWiki_Extension/Use_Cases]] is a subpage to [[MediaWiki_Extension]]
:[[MediaWiki Extension/Use Cases]] is a subpage to [[MediaWiki Extension]]
== Related Pages ==
== Related Pages ==

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Some guidelines for using and creating new pages on OpenOffice.org's wiki

Navigating and Contributing



H1 is used for the title of a wiki page. Therefore it is better to start with "== Heading 2 ==" for your own content.


Categorize your pages. Choose a category from Special:Categories than makes sense and apply it by adding [[Category:Whatever]] to your page. You can also add more than one category to your page.

Category:Project collects all "home pages" for OOo's projects.

Sub Folders

If you choose a name for your wiki page that conforms to the style "maintopic/subtopic" (mind the slash!), then you create a page that is automatically linked back to the page called maintopic. Sub folders are very useful for organising related content in a traditional way, and a hierarchical structure allows better search in specific areas of the wiki.

MediaWiki Extension/Use Cases is a subpage to MediaWiki Extension

Related Pages

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