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OOo Marketing Project

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Early draft

This page lists the benefits for Governments and Public Administrations

  • Effectively free to acquire - good value for money proposition to voters
  • No license/compliance hassles
  • Can be given away free to government employees, through the schools system, etc
  • OpenOffice.org is not ‘owned’ by one commercial organization - demonstrates impartiality towards particular vendors
  • Easy to migrate if an existing (possibly less than fully licensed) Microsoft site
  • Easy to publish documents in 'read-only' format with built-in pdf support
  • Freedom of Information Acts require long term access to data - this is guaranteed through ISO OpenDocument Format support
  • Likely to be available in your language - easy to translate into local minority languages
  • Open source means that there are no secrets, back doors, etc hidden in the software at the request of foreign governments
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