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This page will house the style guide for the new website design. Please add anything you would like to be covered here.


General Guidelines

Page Margins

The page margin and padding is set to 0. However, as a general rule, any text/graphics (excluding background images) should be at least 15 pixels away from the edges of the page.

Color Pallet

Source Files

Links to source files, etc


Below is a line-by-line explanation of style.css, which contains all the relevant CSS for the website. Actual CSS is not included, as it is subject to minor tweaks. Instead, text comments and annotated screenshots will be used to show the function of each line of CSS. Your best reference to follow along with is the current stylesheet.

Style.css is separated into blocks by comments. Each block is a grouping of related CSS functions. The first block is "Standard HTML Elements", followed by "Header", and so on.

Standard HTML Elements

This section should be reasonably self-explanatory. It contains core CSS styles, such as headings, paragraphs, links, lists, etc.

CSS Comment Diagram


Top Menu / Navigation


Content (informational body) Layout

NavColumn Layout


IssueZilla & Filebrowser Specific Styling

Custom Stylings



Formerly tigris.css

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