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Voting data for release 2.3

For an explanation of this page, see Votes.

Top10 Outstanding issues (high votes)

Top ten open issues by number of votes

write title here

1: #xxx with xxx votes


  • Number of open issues with 1+ votes]: xxxx
    • Defects: xxx
    • Enhancements: xxx
    • Feature requests: xxx
    • Patches: xxx

Fixed issues in OOo 2.3 release

  • Release date: xxx
  • Number of issues fixed: xxx
  • Number of issues fixed with 1 vote or more: xx
    • Defects: xx
    • Enhancements: xx
    • Feature requests: xx
    • Patches: xx
  • Issue fixed with highest number of votes: #xxxx with xx votes
    • Defect: #xx with xx votes
    • Enhancement: #xx with xx votes
    • Feature request: #xx with xx votes
    • Patch: #xx with xx votes
  • Oldest issue fixed (not considering duplicates): #xxx, reported xxx, xxx votes
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