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Python is included on all major Linux however this is what we called as a system python might not relate with our python. The OOoPython is the one we need to know to install and learn where it is. The location will vary depending if you installed OOo from the Site or if it's comming from the distribution repository. We hope this document might help you identify your python within your setup. Vanilla installation from the site is usually the most common way to get the latest version of OOo. Distributions not always are quick to release the latest and greatest of the projects however because OOo doesn't require many dependencies it is easy to install on any Linux system.

The OOo install can be reviewed on previous documentation already available from this wiki. We will focus more on how to locate and manage our OOo python enviroment.

The location for Python within from this type of installation is:


This implementation also includes some interesting python scripts such as:

  • python.bin
  • and pyc
  • and pyc
  • and pyc
  • officehelper

We wont go under each script included but it is important to acknowledge for more indepth study of the bridge. on Debian

Debian version of usually install OOo under

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