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#ترجمه متن در صفحه ی جدیدی که ساخته شده
#ترجمه متن در صفحه ی جدیدی که ساخته شده
<section end=translating />
<section end=translating />
[[Category:Help]][[Category:Wiki Maintenance]][[Category:Guidelines]]
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{| align="right"
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* [http://translate.org.za/download/spellchecker/zulu/ Spelling, Pack, Word lists (Experimental/Development)]
* [http://translate.org.za/download/spellchecker/zulu/ Spelling, Pack, Word lists (Experimental/Development)]
[[fa:FA/rules/wiki/wiki:Dictionaries|دیکشنری ها]]
[[fa:FA/rules/wiki/wiki:Dictionaries|دیکشنری ها]]

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Documentation note.png

برای دیدن قوانین ترجمه عمومی(غیر تخصصی) این لینک را مشاهده کنید

OOo Wiki Contribution Rules

در اینجا یک سری راهنمایی برای ترجمه وجود دارد

  • در صورت امکان، ساختاری مشابه ساختار اصلی دنبال شود.
  • در صورت امکان، نام صفحات ویکی ترجمه نشود بلکه از {{DISPLAYTITLE:Page title}} استفاده شود برای بومی سازی نام صفحه. با استفاده از نام همان صفحه این کار را برای شناسایی آسان تر صفحات ترجمه شده انجام می دهد و به صورت خودکار از یک صفحه را به دیگری پیوند می خورد
  • استفاده از ساختار نامگذاری صفحات وب که به وضوح زبان صفحه را نشان می دهد. به عنوان مثال ، نسخه سوئدی صفحه می تواند به صورت SV/Pagename/. مشاهده کنید Help:Page naming
Documentation note.png در صورت امکان همیشه سعی کنید از ساختار برای کدهای زبان ایزو استفاده کنید.
  • با انجمن های L10N و NLC ارتباط برقرار کنید وا جازه بدهید به آنها که بدانند شما چکار می کنید.
  • اگر شک کردید سوال بپرسید. مستندات موجود و انجمن های NLC برای کمک به شما هستند

The OpenOffice.org L10N community is working on a process and toolset for translating Wiki pages.

مراحل ترجمه

در اینجا ابزار و مکانیسمی برای کمک به ترجمه ویکی وجود ندارد. مراحل ترجمه به صورت زیر می باشد. مراحل ترجمه

  1. شناخت صفحه ای که قرار است ترجمه شود
  2. کلیک روی EDIT
  3. کلیک کردن روی تمام متن ویکی و کپی کردن آن
  4. کنسل کردن ادیت
  5. ساخت یک صفحه جیدی با نام مناسب برای مقاله ترجمه شده (see Help:Page naming).
  6. کردن متن کپی شده از زبان اصلیPaste
  7. ذخیره کردن صفحه برای شروع کار خودتان
  8. ترجمه متن در صفحه ی جدیدی که ساخته شده



This page lists spell checker dictionaries, hyphenation files, and thesauri for OpenOffice.org 2.x.

Documentation caution.png IMPORTANT NOTE: From OpenOffice.org 3.0 on the dictionary wizard is no longer available -- All new dictionaries are now available via the Extensions Repository.

See Extension Dictionaries for how to create dictionary extensions. As an end-user this page is now only useful for those using OpenOffice.org < 3.0, though it still has a role for aiding Linux distribution packagers in collecting what un-bundled linguistic extensions are available.

To install a new dictionary in Vanilla OpenOffice.org 2.x, call "File -> Wizards -> Install new dictionaries" in OpenOffice.org. Then exit and re-start OpenOffice.org, including the Quickstarter (if used). Most of the files on this page are available for installation via the wizard. If not, download the Pack file, and use the "off-line language installation" option of DicOOo wizard.

One user notes: If you have the "wrong" dictionary installed and spell check and other features cannot be supported, you will not receive any warning or notification. At best you can type some gibberish and see if it is underlined, if auto-correct is enabled. Download dictionaries (from the new extensions mechanisms detailed below, not the Web site listed in the help), and change settings in the various dialogues (sorry, not sure which one, there are several language related dialogues) until things work again. However, this didn't work for me but if you have the settings of the majority (eg US English) maybe you won't have to bother.

OpenOffice.org dictionaries in Fedora. In Fedora to install OpenOffice.org, you can use the "Add/Remove Software" application, or you can do this from the command line with e.g. "yum install openoffice.org-writer". Additional language support can then be installed using something like "yum install openoffice.org-langpack-fr" to install French language support which will automatically include spell-checking support where available. A list of currently installed and available language packs can be seen using "yum list openoffice.org-langpack*". Additional dictionaries can also be installed separately using yum, e.g. yum install hunspell-fr.

OpenOffice.org dictionaries wizard in Ubuntu.

If the window is too small when using the File>Wizards>Install new dictionaries then make sure visual effects (compiz) are disabled (that is: change from "Extra" or "Normal" to "None" in Ubuntu System | Settings | Appearance | Visual Effect tab). In order to use this wizard in Ubuntu (tested on Kubuntu 7.10) you need to have the package openoffice.org installed in addition to standard installation of open-office.org-writer and open-office.org-calc. You can do this by typing sudo apt-get install openoffice.org

Adding Resources

Please use the extensions repository -- the resources listed on this page refer to ftp.services.openoffice.org, which will not be maintained anymore.

OpenOffice.org dictionaries in Gentoo.

To install a dictionary, execute the following command as root:

emerge myspell-<lang>

Start OpenOffice. Open Tools -> Options -> Language Settings -> Languages. From the drop-down menu under "Default languages for documents" select a language whose dictionary you've installed.--Dnt2wiki 19:33, 30 September 2008 (CEST)

Tools for dictionary developers:
Spellchecker: Hunspell.
Hyphenator: Hyphen.
Thesaurus: OpenOffice.org MyThes.
Grammar checker: LanguageTool, After the Deadline and Lightproof.

More information on the file formats of dictionaries can be found on the Lingucomponent Project homepage.

آفریقایی(آفریقای جنوبی)

آمهاریک (اتیوپی)

عربی(جنوب و شرق آفریقا)

ارمنی (خاورشرقی)

آذربایجانی(آذربایجان و ایران)


  • Spelling 2006-10-06 (note: use ANY country code in dictionary.lst, see documentation. anther note: license is absent in the package, so at least some distributions avoid including of this package. Consider adding AUTHORS and License files in this package.)


بنگالی(بنگلادش وهند)




Coptic (North Africa)

قبطی(شمال آفریقا)

چکی(جمهوری چک)




For an up-to-data list of available English spelling dictionaries please see misc.aspell.net/wiki/English_Dictionaries

زبان بین المللی






NOTE: Hunspell is not capable of handling Finnish language properly, so these dictionaries should not be used. Instead, Voikko project should be used, either via Enchant (a recommended spell-checking library for any project, supports also hunspell) or directly in OOo via openoffice.org-voikko provided by the project also.


The French project: Dicollecte

About the French spelling reform of 1990, please read:
- Reforms of French orthography (en)
- Réforme de l’orthographe (fr)
- Orthographe recommandée (fr)

OpenOffice.org 3.x extensions:

OpenOffice.org 2.x:

  • Latest dictionaries
  • You can also get them in OOo with Menu File -> Wizards -> Install new dictionaries


  • Spelling (version 0.12) 2007-11-28
  • Pack (version 0.11) 2007-02-22



Made by Frco. Javier Rial in Mancomun.org

  • Spelling 2008-05-16 Hunspell version.
  • Pack 2008-05-16 Hunspell version.

گاسکن فرانسه

Requires OOo 2.1 or later







  • Spelling 2005-01-27
  • HindiWriter includes a Hindi Spell Checker(engine and dictionary) that works with OpenOffice.org 2.0 for Windows.
  • Pack 2007-02-19


  • Extensions:
    • Hungarian Dictionary Pack for OpenOffice 3.0 or later. Contains Hungarian spellchecking dictionary, hyphenation patterns & thesaurus.
    • Lightproof grammar checker (Hungarian rules are included)
  • Spelling:
  • Hyphenation 2006-12-13
  • Thesaurus 2003-09-29, NOTE: works with OpenOffice.org 1.x only!
  • Pack:
    • Pack requires OpenOffice.org 2.0.2 or later, 2008-03-15
    • Pack requires OpenOffice.org 2.1 or later (for Unicode non-standard hyphenation) 2008-03-15
    • Pack 2004-04-02



Interlingua (x-register)



You can find how to install Italian dictionaries in the dictionary home page (Italian language only).

Per sapere come fare ad installare i dizionari qui sotto riportati andare all'home page dello strumento linguistico desiderato (solo in lingua italiana).


Khmer (Cambodia)


کیسوالی(شرق آفریقا)

کره ای

کردی(ترکیه سوریه)


  • Spelling:
    • COL1.0ß 2006-01-27 by Marjorie Burghart
  • Pack 2002-05-05

خلیج ریگا (Latvia)

خلیج کنگو

Lithuanian (Lithuania)




Māori (Aotearoa)

Te Papakupu Māori should be considered the source for Māori dictionaries from now on. The following packages are being auto-generated:

Contact me if you would like tailored packages auto-generated for upstream projects.

-- Kiharoa

Macedonian (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)


Malayalam (India)


  • Spelling 2008-07-29 (see the attachment)

Ndebele جنوب آفریقا


Northern Sotho (South Africa)


Occitan (فرانسه)

Oriya )

Papiamentu (Netherlands Antilles)

  • no information yet

فارسی (Iran)

Polish (لهستان)

پرتغالی(برزیل و پرتغال)

Punjabi (هند)

Quechua (بولیوی)

  • Pack (Spelling) 2007-05-09

Quichua (اکوادور)

  • Pack AWAITING STORAGE (Spelling) 2009-03-02

Romanian (رومانی)

OpenOffice.org 3.x extensions / Extensii OpenOffice.org 3.x:

Extensii OpenOffice.org 3.x cu sedile (pentru sistemele vechi precum Windows XP):

Toate extensiile cuprind un corector ortografic, un dicționar de sinonime, și un dicționar de despărțire în silabe. În cazul în care se dorește compatibilitatea cu utilizatorii care folosesc platforme cu suport incomplet pentru limba română (precum Windows XP), se recomandă folosirea dicționarelor împreună cu extensia Diacritice românești. Această extensie permite introducerea caracterelor diacritice românești și conversia textului dintr-un format de caractere în altul. Suport pentru autocorectare este de asemenea disponibil.

Source Code (latest release):

Previous releases:

Русский (Россия)

Русский перевод данной страницы / Russian translation of this page: Словари

OpenOffice.org 2.x:


Scottish Gaelic (Scotland)

Serbian (Serbia, Republic Srpska)

Spelling and Hyphenation packages includes both Cyrillic (sr) and Latin (sh) support.

Setswana (آفریقا)

Sinhala (Sri Lanka)

Slovak (اسلواکی)

For other information/files please check sk-spell project or openoffice.org-sk

Slovenian (اسلوونی)

Southern Sotho (جنوب آفریقا)

Spanish (اسپانیا و ...)

For IE7Pro Spellchecker

Swazi/Swati (جنوب آفریقا)

Swedish (Sweden)

Senaste versionen
Besök den svenska webbplatsen på: sv.openoffice.org

OpenOffice.org 2
Avstavning (Hyphenation) 2003-08-14

Tagalog (فیلیپین)

Tamil (هند)

Tetum (اندونزی)

Thai (تایلند)

Tsonga (جنوب آفریقا)

Ukrainian (اکراین)

Urdu (پاکستان, هند)

also bound to Urdu (India)

Uzbek (ازبکستان)

Venda (جنوب آفریقا)

Vietnamese (ویتنام)

Wayunaiki (ونزولا)

Welsh (والس)

Xhosa (جنوب آفریقا)

Yiddish (International)

Zulu (آفریقا)

دیکشنری ها

Creation of translated pages

Please, make translations of pages in accordance with the rules Help:Page_naming

When you create a translated page, you do not need to change the URL. You must change only the national prefix. Otherwise you are violating international structure wiki.

I moved the page you created (FA/Localization:BASIC Guide in the correct URL FA/Documentation/BASIC Guide.

Page FA/Localization:BASIC Guide is now a redirection. Please do not change it.

--Санчо 10:33, 12 March 2011 (UTC)

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