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I am Charles Brown a new member to the Ooo Team.

I am not a programger, perhaps some day if I continue learning C++.

However, untill that far furture day, I plan to help as an end user of Ooo. I have used most of the Ooo Programs and have many comments, which I will share soon.

I live in USA Penna Philadelphia.

One thing I would like to say during this my first official communication is that it is some times confusing knowing where to go or which link to click in this website maze :(

If others have had this or a simular experience the answer may be as simple as reducing the number of choices that first time users have, this would reduce the confusion of which link to click on. Also, some sort of first time user orientation would help.
During my welcome session I was directed to visit this page but I had no clue as to how toget here, and no link was provided. Today somehow I just stumbled upon this page.
Oh an it is ok if you want to refer to me as Charlie Brown, many already have. It has given me a sence of humor that has served me well so far.

My email for those who wish to contact me is [ ] --Chuck 22:19, 8 January 2009 (CET)

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