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UX ToDo List: Project - Product - Done - Canceled


Look&Feel needs to be overworked

Look&Feel in general needs to be overworked to a more pleasing appearance. (see discussion 'My user experience with OOo...') J.S. Martin made some pretty nice sketches. Also, Trollen Lord made a sketch of the formatting and status bar. No floating box, just context sensitivity and theme -> styles -> minor manual edit options context sensitively. It should provide all the same options for users, but often with less effort and with more intuitive ui. Also the status bar has been cleared of redundant, irrelevant and confusing items (the zoom percentage is still missing from magnifier glass), giving more valuable space vertically.

Styles and Formatting not usable intuitively

The 'Styles and Formatting' floating window is not usable intuitively. The differenciation of styles and hard formatting is not obvious for a user; a solution could be the implementation of style themes (customizable). (see discussion 'My user experience with OOo...')

Customizable font list

Make the fonts list customizable, so that the user only sees his favorite used fonts. (see discussion 'My user experience with OOo...')

Rulers on demand

Offer the functionality of hiding the rulers and calling them temporarily if required. (see discussion 'My user experience with OOo...') Also, Trollen Lord made proposals (1, 2) about possible rulers and how some parts of context sensitivity might work.

Modern Color Palette

Change the standard color palette to a modern look. That is planned. (see discussion 'My user experience with OOo...')

More intuitive color management

Color management: Setting, changing or exchanging colors /color palettes is not at all intuitive. (see discussion 'My user experience with OOo...')

Fresh looking icons

Icons: There is an ongoing project on new icons, have a look [here]. (see discussion 'My user experience with OOo...')


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Impress / Draw

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Even More Lists With OOo Product Related Tasks


  • See issues that result from our last usability test: IssueTracker query; before starting to work on any of these tasks, please contact the owner of the respective issue.

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