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  • See issues that result from our last usability test: IssueTracker query; before starting to work on any of these tasks, please contact the owner of the respective issue.

More Issues

  • 'My user experience with OOo' as UX-discussion and it's resulting issues:
    • Look&Feel in general needs to be overworked to a more pleasing appearance.
    • The 'Styles and Formatting' floating window is not usable intuitively. The differenciation of styles and hard formatting is not obvious for a user; a solution could be the implementation of style themes (customizable).
    • Make the fonts list customizable, so that the user only sees his favorite used fonts.
    • Offer the functionality of hiding the rulers and calling them temporarily if required.
    • Change the standard color palette to a modern look. That is planned.
    • Color management: Setting, changing or exchanging colors /color palettes is not at all intuitive.
    • Icons: There is an ongoing project on new icons, have a look at this link .

Other Pages

User Experience Project Related ToDos




  • announce project and invite people
    • on GullFOSS
    • on mailing lists discuss@,
    • on Sun internal newsgroup
    • on Sun internal xDesign alias
    • Add other channels/groups interested in open source usability, to whom we should announce our project
  • write article for interfaces on "User Experiemce for OOo" (British HCI group); (in progress /Mmp)


  • clarify license, under which content can be contributed

Communication Channels

Mailing Lists

  • find out how to add "info" to the mailing list

Done List

In order to keep this page clean, we move finished items to the Done List User Experience.

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