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| [[User:praachee|Prachi Gupta]]||PG||-||-|Software Engineer interested in making software more user friendly.||-||-||[[Image:http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/w/images/9/9b/In_the_sun_(Small).jpg]]||
| [[User:praachee|Prachi Gupta]]||PG||-||-|Software Engineer interested in making software more user friendly.||-||-||[[Image:In_the_sun_(Small).jpg]]||

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Name openoffice.org login name (serves as mail@openoffice.org) IRC name Notes Affiliation Blog Image
Frank Loehmann fl frankl Project lead OOo UX project Sun Microsystems, Inc. OOo UX Blog Picture FL.jpg
Christoph Noack christophnoack christoph_n Project co-lead OOo UX project - OOo UX Blog
Lutz Hoeger lh lutzh Senior Product Manager Office Productivity Tools Sun Microsystems, Inc. GullFOSS
Matthias Müller-Prove mmp mprove User Experience Architect
(Desktop Virtualization)
Sun Microsystems, Inc. uxooo.blogspot.com mmp.jpg
Bettina Haberer bh bettina_h User Experience Engineer Sun Microsystems, Inc. OOo UX Blog
Christian Jansen cj chris-j User Experience Engineer Sun Microsystems, Inc. OOo UX Blog
Gustavo Gawry gawry gawry User Experience Analyst Sirius Interativa (portuguese) Gawry (portuguese)
Cor Nouws cornouws cornouws OpenOffice.org trainer
OOo extensions developer
Nou&Off (Dutch)
André Wyrwa wyrfel wyrfel - - Wyrtual Life
Martin josmar52789 - Web Developer/System Administrator - -
Caio Tiago Oliveira asrail asrail Computer Scientist/Accessibility lover BrOffice.org Asrail (mainly portuguese)
Akash Xavier akashxavier SingAlong Web Developer / User Interface Designer Cafecamp.com Jax's Blog
Frank de Boer Frank_de_boer T1 User Experience Engineer fotoschets.jpg
Gleb gleb - Just a user - -
juniorsplat Alexander Pott - Just a user - -
Andreas Schuderer anjoschu anjoschu Linguist, Interaction Designer - -
Leonard Mada Medical Doctor, Biomedical Informatics - -
Maria Turk TokyoWitch TokyoWitch Artist, Interaction Designer - -
Tony Pursell ajpursell User - -
Matthew Green wizard User; Long time user and lecturer to users of the other office suite (circa 1992) - -
TheGurkha TheGurkha User; long-time software professional, I manage a development team. - -
Massoud Toussi Massoud Medical Doctor, Biomedical Informatics; I love Open Source concept. - http://closeclinical.com -
Adnan RIHAN Max_13 Max13 WebMaster/WebDeveloper; Founder of an Open Source Association/Comunity; Student... = Virtual-Info = - Vinfologo tiny.png
Ophilar Ophilar - User, Student, much in favour of FOSS and try to convert others - - -
Joshua Horton Sryii Sryii Just a User, focused on use of Open Office for the scientific research - - -
Vincent Rappa Vincent Rappa Hawkskater Ubuntu fan trying to improve open source Apps - - -
Vincent Rappa Dz0 User; I want to have comfortable free office suite (for oneself and others), and I try to promote it (especially in education) Open Source for Lithuania - -
Jaron Kuppers JaronBaron - Mech. Eng., User, Supporter of Open Source Projects, Amateur UI designer - - - -
Rodrigo Carvalho Rcsilva83 - User, developer and free software lover! - http://rcarvalho.wordpress.com/ - -
Prachi Gupta PG - Software Engineer interested in making software more user friendly. - - File:In the sun (Small).jpg

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