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User Experience Done Live!

Are you a developer in the context of Great! Will you be attending the Conference 2009 in Orvieto, Italy? Even better!

You and everyone interested in User Experience (UX) design are invited to participate in this UX workshop.

Bring your questions which have impact on usability to be worked on "live" - supported by the members of the User Experience team. Together we will identify potential issues and develop promising interaction designs to even better satisfy your users' needs.


During the 1,5 hour workshop, we want to take a look at 3 to 5 different topics. For each topic, we will start with getting familiar with the context. To do this, we will take a brief look at the current status of the topic which you or someone else has submitted for use at the workshop. You may either present questions or tell us what deliverables we should aim for. This will be our starting point for working on your topic “live” with the help of everyone attending the workshop.

Each participant is invited to sketch, annotate, discuss ... We, members of the User Experience project, will lead the discussion and use our expertise to demonstrate how usability work can be done. We will also have real usage data from at hand to use when looking at design ideas.

The goal of the workshop is to provide a ready-to-serve solution for your topic, or at least provide a good basis for you to continue your work.


We require some information in advance to prepare for the workshop. You may either directly edit the table below, send us a private email, or contact us on the User Experience mailing list ux-discuss.

What do we require from you in advance, until 2009-10-28?

  • Please give us a description of the topic you are working on. For example: ideas for creating or improving an extension, website development, tools development, informational graphic design, etc.
  • Tell us your goal for the workshop: We would like to make sure that the question can be understood by the participants quite easily, so that we can get right into it at the workshop.
  • Your user name: If we need to contact you, this can be easily done with your user name. For example, if your mail address is ””, then “genius” is the user name. (To avoid spam, please do not write full email addresses)

What must you bring with you to the workshop?

  • Material to explain the context (e.g. a very short presentation with ideas, sketches, early screenshots)
  • Your self :-)

Your Topic
Short Description of the Problem
Your User Name
Your Personal Comment (if you like)
topic description user name comment
topic description user name comment
topic description user name comment
topic description user name comment
topic description user name comment

In the workshop, we will provide a computer featuring OSS software (, Inkscape, The Gimp, …). So you only have to bring a USB drive (memory stick) with you.

Workshop Leaders

Picture FL.jpg Frank Loehmann

User Experience Project Lead

Frank Loehmann has been working on StarOffice/ since 1995, the last 9 years with the User Experience Team. He holds a degree in Computer Science.

User page in the wiki...

User Christoph Noack.png Christoph Noack

User Experience Co-Lead

Christoph Noack has supported for years and has been the User Experience representative for features like "Notes2". The rest of his spare time is spent as Co-Lead of the UX project. His day job is also in the field of Human Machine Interaction, but in the automotive industry.

User page in the wiki...

We owe Elizabeth Matthis and Jaron Kuppers a debt of gratitude, since they helped us to prepare this workshop! Unfortunately, they are not able to attend the conference this year.

Place and Time

Please note that the given information is preliminary. According to the conference organizers, the schedule might still change.

Title: UX Workshop II - User Experience Done "Live" Based on Expertise and Usage Data
Building: Palazzo dei Sette
Room: Sette 1
Time: 2009-11-05, 05:15 PM ... 07:00 PM


Here is additional information about the workshop, related presentations at the OooCon and the project we work in:

OOo Conference Program Usability in General

Fine Print

We would like to take a look at several different topics, so there might not be a final result for each question, but at least a first step toward a solution. If you would like, we may continue any discussion on your topic after the conference on the User Experience mailing lists

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