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UX HowToJoin Welcome.png

You seem to have interest in joining the User Experience Team, that's great! So please follow the steps below to register to our project and get in contact with us.

If you are still uncertain or want to know more about the User Experience, then please have a look at our project's main page. There you will find more information about our involvement and our activities.

If you have any problem with joining, then please contact the User Experience Team at ux-discuss (it may take some time for your email to be answered, because it is manually administered if the steps below have not been finished).

Start by Becoming a Formal Member

The User Experience Team works within the the project. We use the infrastructure of the overall project, therefore the following registrations are required:

  1. Become an contributor: Create an account (if not already done.)
  2. Join the User Experience Team: Request project membership.
Tip.png The request for User Experience team membership has to be manually confirmed by the User Experience administrators. This can take some time, so don't wait for it, and follow the remaining steps!

Continue with Setting-Up Communication Tools

Register at the Wiki

The wiki is used by the User Experience Team for collaboration within our activities, but also for presenting our team. So you may need to create an account at the Wiki.

Subscribe to the Mailing List

We mainly communicate via the mailing list '' (a.k.a. 'ux-discuss'). So if you want to contribute, you will need to subscribe to this list by sending an empty mail to

You can also subscribe to more mailing lists of the User Experience project on the User Experience mailing lists page.

Tip.png It is a good idea to use your real name when writing emails. Real names are often easier to remember than pseudonyms and strengthen relations in the team.

Finally, Get in Touch with Us

Present Yourself in the Wiki

  1. Add yourself to the wiki list of User Experience Team members.
  2. Add the string "{{User Experience Community}}" at the top of your wiki 'user page'.

i The list of User Experience Team members provides information about how we look, how we communicate and what we do and links to the 'user pages'.

The user page is the wiki page with your user name. It is your little space in the wiki, so you may like to provide some information about yourself. Adding the given string will add User Experience related information to this page, e.g. you will get the nice UX logo at the upper right.

If you have any question or if you are unfamiliar with a Wiki, then please go to through the rest of the steps and request help at our mailing list 'ux-discuss'.

Say Hello on the Mailing List!

Even if you have successfully subscribed to the mailing list, we still don't know about your background, reasons for joining, comments or ideas on's future.

So, get in touch with us by introducing yourself: send a short email to ux-discuss.

What's next?

  • Start by reading or joining some discussions at the 'ux-discuss' mailing list.
  • Learn how you can contribute.
  • Learn more about usability and user experience topics by looking at our list of resources.
  • Look on our current todo list or the current activities. Just start at the project main page
  • ... and whatever you do, don't forget to promote the User Experience Team :-)
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