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You seem to have interest in joining the User Experience Team, that's great! So please follow the steps below to register to our project and get in contact with us. If you are still uncertain or want to know more about the User Experience, then please have a look at our project's main page. There you will find more information about our involvement and our activities.

If you have any problem with joining, then please contact the User Experience Team at ux-discuss (it may take some time for your email to be answered, because it is manually administered if the steps below have not been finished).

First Step: Administrative Stuff

The User Experience Team works within the the project. We use the infrastructure of the overall project, therefore the following registrations are required:

  1. First, join by creating an account at Registration page
  2. Then, join the User Experience Team by Requesting project membership.
Documentation caution.png Please provide your real name when registering for the membership. Such pleasing manners are the basis for working together in a team.


Second Step: Configure Tools

Register at the Wiki

The wiki is used by the User Experience Team for collaboration within our activities, but also for presenting our team. So you may need to create an account at the Wiki.

Subscribe to the Mailing List

We mainly communicate via the mailing list '' (a.k.a. 'ux-discuss'). So if you want to contribute, you will need to subscribe to this list by sending an empty mail to

You can also subscribe to more mailing lists of the User Experience project on the User Experience mailing lists page.

Documentation caution.png Please provide your real name when writing emails. Such pleasing manners are the basis for working together in a team.

Last Step: Present Yourself

On the Wiki

  1. Add yourself to the wiki list of User Experience Team members.
  2. Add the string "{{User Experience Community}}" at the top of your wiki 'user page'.


On the mailing list

Even if you have successfully subscribed to the mailing list, we still don't know about your background, reasons for joining, comments or ideas on's future.

So, get in touch with us by introducing yourself: send a short email to ux-discuss.

What's next?

Great! It seems that you have gone through the steps successfully. So what are your options now?

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