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Japanese Page


  1. (Sun) Upload "Admin Guide" and "Basic Guide" to Pootle.
  2. (Sun) Upload "Developer's Guide" leveraged with the result of above two documents (to maximize our performance).
  3. (OO.o translate rep) Build TMX (Translation Memory eXchange).
    1. Run xliff2po to convert xliff to po.
    2. Run po2tmx to convert po to xliff.
    You'll get TMX by these two steps.
  4. Translating (translators)
    1. Translate with using TMX-available tool like OmegaT, PoEdit and so on.
    2. Edit directly on Pootle with referring TMX offline (as a file).
    3. Download the xliff file and edit it.


If you download the target file, you'll get a xliff file.
If you prefer to edit PO file, you have to convert from xliff to PO by step 3-1 when you start translating.
And you have to reconvert from PO to xliff by po2xliff when you upload.

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