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(Code to post-process the output of MediaWiki Export Filter: version 0.2.0)
(+ Usage Instructions)
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== Usage Instructions ==
# you just open the OOoBASIC Macro editor in writer application scope,
# past the Macro code, save it, and finally
# assign a shortcut key to accelerate the performance.
When you then use WikiPublisher to obtain a .txt file with all the wiki markup, you have to open this file with OOo writer, just run the Macro by using the shortcut key, and save the file (as .txt) again or copy its contents and paste it into the wiki page editor.

Revision as of 07:34, 22 July 2010

Code to post-process the output of MediaWiki Export Filter from Sun Wiki Publisher

Version information is embedded in the code, a little way down. If you need an earlier version, use the history tab to find it.

REM  *****  Wiki-related macros  *****
Option Explicit
Sub TipNoteCautionCleanup
' Cleans up Tips, Notes, and Cautions after "Export to MediaWiki (.txt)" filter
'   from Sun Wiki Publisher extension.
'   Converts wiki tables to wiki template calls.
Dim sV as String		'release version
'Dim vLang as Variant	'array of Locale structs
sV = "0.2.0"
REM Version notes:
'V 0.2.0: Older versions WILL NOT COMPILE, due to a change in the interface.
'   The 'Anchor' construct is no longer a part of 'Text'.
'   Updated for Sun Wiki Publisher output. Extra 'style=' trash removed.
'   Version notes relocated up top.
'   Language default "always US" set. This is easily user-customizable.
'V 0.1.2: Add file-type check for ".txt" input.
'   Remove all tabs, so wiki version aligns properly.
'	Localize tally message.
'	Make user constant localization easy.
'V 0.1.1: Localized for DE. Also necessary to allow for different
'	structure of Caution/Achtung table (no images in DE).
'V 0.1.0: Released 2009-09-04 to wiki page. All MsgBox constants removed.
'V 0.0.2: More code cleanup. MsgBox constants now for module.
'V 0.0.1: Remove useless error msg for other table. Code cleanup.
'	Tally "other tables", & display.
'	Display version in tally header.
'V 0.0.0 released 2009-01-22 to authors list & JHW.
Dim oCursor as Variant	'text cursor
Dim oDoc as Object
Dim enum1 as Variant	'paragraph enumeration
Dim enum2 as Variant	'portion enumeration
Dim thisPara as Variant
Dim thisPortion as Variant
Dim bBegin as Boolean	'True if looking for table start
' counters for items found.
Dim iCaution as Integer
Dim iNote as Integer
Dim iTip as Integer
Dim iPara as Integer
Dim iPor as Integer
Dim iTable as Integer	'non-T|N|C tables
Dim ix as Integer		'scratch
Dim aNames(2) as String	'names to search for
Const kNote = 0			'subscript enumeration list
Const kTip = 1
Const kCaution = 2
Dim sFind as String		'sentinel sought
Dim sISO as String		'language code
Dim sRep as String		'replacement
Dim sText as String		'scratch
oDoc = ThisComponent
'oDoc = StarDesktop.CurrentComponent		'Testing bad-file, gives IDE
If TNCBadFile(oDoc, ".txt") Then Exit Sub
'Localize searches
aNames(kNote) = "Note"
aNames(kTip) = "Tip"
aNames(kCaution) = "Caution"
'Language locales are not available in txt files ...
'vLang = oDoc.getDocumentLanguages(1, 2)
'sISO = vLang(0).Country
' USER LOCALIZE: only one of the following group of lines should be active (not commented out).
' Pick whichever you find convenient.
'sISO = InputBox( "Please input ISO language code", "T/N/C Cleanup ver " & sV, "US") 'ask language
sISO = "US" 	'always US
'sISO = "DE"	'always DE
' End group.
If sISO = "DE" then
  aNames(kNote) = "Anmerkung"
  aNames(kTip) = "TIPP"
  aNames(kCaution) = "Achtung"
End If 'DE
' Other languages can be added here, in similar fashion.
' Careful! Some code may be needed to parse differences in the tables.
' See other references to variable sISO.
enum1 = oDoc.Text.createEnumeration
bBegin = True
While enum1.hasMoreElements
  thisPara = enum1.nextElement
  iPara = iPara + 1
  enum2 = thisPara.createEnumeration
  While enum2.hasMoreElements
    thisPortion = enum2.nextElement
    iPor = iPor + 1
    sText = thisPortion.getString()
    sFind = IIf( bBegin, "{|", "|}" )	'start/end wiki table
    If Mid(sText, 1, len(sFind)) = sFind Then	'found a sentinel
      oCursor = thisPortion.Text.createTextCursorByRange(thisPortion.Start)
      oCursor.gotoEndOfParagraph( True )
      If bBegin Then	'looking for opening delimiter   
        bBegin = False	'next loop, look for closing delimiter
        ' expand selection to include next paragraph and its mark.
        oCursor.goRight( 1, True )	'-> next paragraph
        oCursor.gotoEndOfParagraph( True )
        oCursor.goRight( 1, True )	'include the para mark
        ' the selected string should hold one of the 3 target names.
        ' Set sRep to generate wiki-template names "{{Documentation/whatever"
        ' Code included for possible future localized templates.
        If InStr( oCursor.String, aNames(kNote) ) Then
'	      sRep = aNames(kNote)
	      sRep = "Note"
	      iNote = iNote + 1
        ElseIf InStr( oCursor.String, aNames(kTip) ) Then
'	      sRep = aNames(kTip)
	      sRep = "Tip"
	      iTip = iTip + 1
        ElseIf InStr( oCursor.String, aNames(kCaution) ) Then
'	      sRep = aNames(kCaution)
          sRep = "Caution"
          iCaution = iCaution + 1
          If sISO = "DE" Then
            ' no special action required
            'kill generated image-related text
            oCursor.goRight( 2, True)				'empty para and into next
            oCursor.gotoEndOfParagraph( True )	'img: <center> para
            oCursor.goRight( 1, True )			'include the para mark
          End If 'Language
        Else	'different kind of wiki table
          sRep = ""
          iTable = iTable + 1
          bBegin = True	'keep looking for beginning, after other table
        EndIf 'NTC or other table found
        If sRep <> "" Then	'we found a Note, Tip, or Caution, so
          ' (1) replace table and trash with template call.
          thisPortion.Text.insertString( oCursor, "{{Documentation/" & sRep, True )
          ' (2) remove possible '| style="xxx"' trash.
          oCursor.gotoEndOfParagraph( True )
          If Left( oCursor.String, 9 ) = "| style=""" Then		'found trash
            ix = InStr( oCursor.String, """|" )
            oCursor.goLeft( len(oCursor.String) - ix, True )		'select | sty -> "
            thisPortion.Text.insertString( oCursor, "", True )	'delete trash
          End If 'found trash
        End If 'sRep not empty
      Else 'bBegin = False, found ending delimiter
        oCursor.goLeft( 4, True )	'include two para marks
        'replace table-end delimiter with template call delimiter
        thisPortion.Text.insertString( oCursor, "}}", True )
        bBegin = True
      EndIf 'bBegin
    End If 'hit
  Wend			'loop for all portions in this paragraph
Wend		'loop for all paragraphs in document
MsgBox "Language code " &sISO & " Processing Complete!" & chr(13) & chr(13) _
  & "Paragraphs - " & str(iPara) & chr(13) _
  & "Portions - " & str(iPor) & chr(13) _
  & aNames(kCaution) & " - " & str(iCaution) & chr(13) _
  & aNames(kNote) & " - " & str(iNote) & chr(13) _
  & aNames(kTip) & " - " & str(iTip) & chr(13) _
  & "Other tables - " & str(iTable) & chr(13) _
  ,, "T|N|C ver " & sV
End Sub 'TipNoteCautionCleanup
Function TNCBadFile(oDoc as Object, Optional sSuffix as String) as Boolean
Dim sName as String
Dim sURL as String
On local error GoTo BadFile
sName = oDoc.ImplementationName
sURL = oDoc.URL
If IsMissing(sSuffix) Then sSuffix = ""
If len(sSuffix) = 0 Then Exit Function
If Right(sUrl, len(sSuffix)) = sSuffix Then Exit Function
On error GoTo 0
Dim iAnswer as Integer
iAnswer = MsgBox( "Found this target file:" & chr(13) _
  & "Name: " & sName & chr(13) _
  & "URL: " & sURL & chr(13) _
  & "You probably want to bring the proper file to the foreground, and run the macro again." _
  & chr(13) & chr(13) & "Process this file anyway?" _
TNCBadFile = (iAnswer <> IDYES) 
End Function 'TNCBadFile
'The following code is not used by the TNC process.
' Code for pseudo-wiki editing within Writer.
' They work, but lack easy access (like a toolbar). Working on it.
REM V0.0.2 with V0.2.0 of TNC. Added Tip/Note/Caution generator entry points.
REM V0.0.1 with V0.1.2 of TNC. "Source" bracket split up for Syntax Highlighter.
REM V0.0.0 released with V0.0.1 of TNC. No toolbar or buttons yet.
'	Entry points for bold, italics, nowiki, source, and tt.
Sub wikiServSub( byVal sBegin as String, Optional byVal sEnd as String )
REM Service routine for entry points which define the brackets.
' If the end bracket is not given, it is the same as the begin.
Dim oDoc as Object
Dim oViewCursor as Object
Dim bEmpty as Boolean
Dim iLF as Integer
Dim sTarget as String
If IsMissing( sEnd ) Then sEnd = sBegin
oDoc = ThisComponent
' get the current cursor position in the GUI.
oViewCursor = oDoc.getCurrentController().getViewCursor()
sTarget = oViewCursor.getString()	'fetch user selection, if any
bEmpty = (sTarget = "")
If bEmpty Then sTarget = "   "
iLF = InStr( sTarget, chr(10) )	'Remove artifact line feeds
Do While iLF
  Mid( sTarget, iLF, 1, "" )
  iLF = InStr( sTarget, chr(10) )
Loop 'for all line feeds
oViewCursor.setString( sBegin & sTarget & sEnd )		'set result
' un-select the insertion.
If bEmpty Then	'select the spaces
  oViewCursor.goRight( len(sBegin), False )
  oViewCursor.goRight( len(sTarget), True )
Else	'select nothing
End If 'user selection was empty
End Sub 'wikiServSub
Sub wikiServTNC( sName as String )
  call wikiServSub( "{{Documentation/" & sName & "|", "}}" )
End Sub 'wikiServTNC
' Entry points for wiki editing.
Sub WikiBold
  call wikiServSub( "'''" )
End Sub 'WikiBold
Sub WikiCaution
  call wikiServTNC( "Caution" )
End Sub 'WikiCaution
Sub WikiItalics
  call wikiServSub( "''" )
End Sub 'WikiItalics
Sub WikiNote
  call wikiServTNC( "Note" )
End Sub 'WikiNote
Sub WikiNowiki
  call wikiServSub( "<nowiki>", "</nowiki>" )
End Sub 'WikiNowiki
Sub WikiSource
' call wikiServSub( "\n<" & "source lang=oobas>\n", _
'   "\n<" & "/source>\n" )	'fails, "\n" ignored
  call wikiServSub( chr(13) & "<" & "source lang=""oobas"">" & chr(13), _
    chr(13) & "<" & "/source>" & chr(13) )
End Sub 'WikiSource
Sub WikiTip
  call wikiServTNC( "Tip" )
End Sub 'WikiTip
Sub WikiTT
  call wikiServSub( "<tt>", "</tt>" )
End Sub 'WikiTT

Usage Instructions

  1. you just open the OOoBASIC Macro editor in writer application scope,
  2. past the Macro code, save it, and finally
  3. assign a shortcut key to accelerate the performance.

When you then use WikiPublisher to obtain a .txt file with all the wiki markup, you have to open this file with OOo writer, just run the Macro by using the shortcut key, and save the file (as .txt) again or copy its contents and paste it into the wiki page editor.

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