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The statistical data analysis tool would contain the following analysis methods at minimum for the completion of the project

  • Correlation analysis ---Done
  • Covariance analysis---Done
  • Rank and percentile analysis---Done
  • T test---Done
    • Paired t test for means
    • t test assuming equal variances
    • t test assuming unequal variances
  • ANOVA test---Done
    • One-way ANOVA
    • Two-way ANOVA with replications
    • Two-way ANOVA without replications
  • F-test two-sample for variances---Done
  • Z test- Two samples for means---Done
  • Moving average analysis with charts---Done
  • Histogram analysis with charts---Done
  • Exponential smoothing---Done
  • Fourier analysis---In progress
  • Regression
  • Random number generation---In progress
  • Sampling---Done
  • Descriptive statistics---Done
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