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Source of the book: (2.2MB)


Trying to summarize what I've read up to now (somewere in the middle of chapter 2 out of 11)...

Chapter 1: The Art of Community

In his first chapter, Jono derives the steps for building a successfull community, what he calls the "Community TODO List":

  • Identify how we can divide our community into teams.
  • Ensure that teams can communicate clearly and effectively.
  • Attract a diverse range of contributors to our community to get involved and contribute to our goals.
  • Build an environment conducive to our wider goals.
  • Define the scope of each team, and help team members understand that scope.
  • Understand the extent and range of collaboration between our teams.
  • Encourage diversity and opportunity in the community.
  • Produce a Code of Conduct.

Chapter 2: Planning your community

This chapter starts about building a Strategic Plan. It begins with the following helpful questions:

What is the mission? 
We want to understand our primary mission—the bright, shiny prize for which we encourage and inspire our community. What is this eventual outcome that we lust for? Is it a software release, political change, to help a demographic of people, or to produce something?
What are the opportunities and areas of collaboration? 
We want to explore how our community can work together to create and achieve things. What are these areas? How can we work together in different ways?
What are the skills required? 
We want to identify what skills we need in our community so we can later establish teams to house these skills. What are these skills?
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