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Here I try to sum up my personal position in the OOo/LibO discord:

As occasional contributor I've considerd myself as "almost community member" of OOo for several years.

When TDF creation was announced shortly, I first was rather surprised, as with all it underhand planning and sudden presentation of facts it resembeled more to a putsch than to a community driven action.

After some days, with all the publicly available statements now, my conviction is growing that it was a good action. Several of the Oracle staff tend to behave like pashas in my eyes. I do not question their individual meritocratic legitimation, I just stumble over their arrogant-feeling behavior. Thereby they show - for me, an external, who just looks with his eyes and feels what he feels - that the action to bring forward an explicit instance to manage this huge project is overdue.

Therefore, I support the TDF.

With LibreOffice, my position is, that LibO is a necessary experiment, a proof of concept for the TDF and the ideas behind a better community integration. It is for me a prototype of what could be possible if OOo wasn't dominated by Oracle but set up as really independent project.

Therefore, the only possibility I see for me personally is to support TDF/LibO. Although I don't believe that LibO will establish as an acceptable alternative to OOo, it will show what a community can achieve. It will show it to the world, but it will also show it like a mirror to the TDF founders, to the community. So after a year or two we will know if this was a real improvement to OOo or not. But even if it shows that it was not, there could be many details and aspects from which we all can learn and which can then be transferred back to the OOo community. If it is willing to learn.

So, that's what I feel. At least at the moment :-)

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