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OOo is cool

Meine Beiträge / My contributions:

Subpages in my userspace:

My Collections:

My Plans / Contribution Ideas for 2010 (priority changing from time to time)

  • Continue (finish?) Getting Started Guide translation
  • Help updating the German WG2 translation to WG3
  • Help with the planned Calc-Tutorial (German)
  • Help completing documentation ...
  • Find out if it is possible to keep ODT and Wiki documents in sync
    • Transforming ODT to Wiki-markup seems to work +/- well with Wiki Publisher Extension, while the opposite (Wiki to ODT) seemed to be still in an alpha state when I tested it in mid-2009

My Long Term Ideas / Wishes / Tendencies

  • (more) QA ?
  • (more) translating? (Localization?)
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