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(Scratchpad: Work in Progress)
(OpenOffice 10th Anniversary Logo:)
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* [http://www.miguelboto.com/openoffice/MEBOpenOffice10thLogoFCSample.png OpenOffice 10th Anniversary logo (full color sample)]
* [http://www.miguelboto.com/openoffice/MEBOpenOffice10thLogoFCSample.png OpenOffice 10th Anniversary logo (full color experiment)]

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About Me

Hello everyone, My name is Miguel Boto, and i´m a communication designer student living in Lisbon, Portugal.


You can contact me trough the following mail: miguel.boto.openoffice[at]gmail.com


My motivations and interests are all related to Communication Design: branding, web and graphic design tasks/issues of OpenOffice.org. I´m particularly interested in the (re)brading Initiative of OpenOffice.org, the 10th anniversary event and related graphic material, adoption of the new branding guidelines to the NL Portuguese Project plus its specific needs and the NL Portuguese Website.

Mailing Lists

I´m currently subscribed to the following mailing lists withing the Marketing Project:

  • Dev
  • Art
  • Branding

Scratchpad: Work in Progress

I´m trying some ideas and creating graphic work related to specific issues (10th anniversary logo) and on going projects (new branding language and NL Portuguese needs/adoption) besides freely exploring some imagery related to OpenOffice.org 3 (the product) that may be used to create marketing artwork/materials.

OpenOffice 10th Anniversary Logo:


Last Update

26 Aug 2010

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