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This page is under construction.

I'm working with (and spreading the word about) at work and found some issues that make it harder to work with the applications as it should be. I talked with Frank Loehmann from the User Experience Team a few times - thank you for your sympathetic ear, Frank! Also I reported most of the issues at IssueZilla. I hope this wiki page will call more attention to these issues and maybe some developers will fix it in the future.

List of issues

3545 Easier Cropping and rotating of images (in Writer) 10459 Template Association (apply templates to existing documents) 12989 Allow Page Templates to be linked 15530 Default filename for PDF export 18771 MSInteroperability-18: watermarks 20073 Q-PCD Enhance usability of the Template Manager 22405 An easy way to create watermarks with text 32141 manual page break with style change in masterdocument ignored 49754 loading pragraph styles removes outline numbering (maybe fixed in 3.1) 52783 change templates for a document 64484 Option to remove all hard formatting controls from the UI (my issue) 65055 Keep small bullets as default in old documents (like sxw) (my issue) 73060 Multple Data Sources in one Database File 80664 Implement Language Control for Draw/Impress Status Bar 80665 Implement Language Control for Calc Status Bar 85076 Calc won't print/preview documents containing only cell borders (maybe patch for 3.2) 88714 Find & Replace: keep the "More Options" dialog open when item is selected (my issue) 88716 Page Up and Page Down doesn't scroll a full page the first time (my issue) 88718 Show quantity of selected cells in the "Name Box" of the Formula Bar (my issue) 90173 Icons of the new Startcenter should be grayed out when loading a document (my issue) 91001 Side-by-side view with synchronous scrolling (my issue) 92154 show accept/reject comments as notes 93938 Calc loses selected range in a sheet when going to another sheet (my issue) 94285 Writer crashes when applying template page break styles to document (my issue) 94809 Copying column to another with different width doesn't reposition pictures correctly (my issue) 95647 Allow to start presentation in fullscreen and window modes from ActiveX control 97150 Bookmarks not visible if Windows task bar is higher than standard and with second monitor (my issue) 97151 Space between paragraphs filled with paragraph background color (my issue)

Details will follow ...

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