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Kay Rammes Page


  • UDK Project Lead of OOo
  • Located in Hamburg
  • Employeed by Sun Microsystems

Some Thoughts

My Efforts

  • Effort/Revise_OOo_Multi_Threading
    • Tasks
      • cppuhelper - get functions need to be called from correct purpose environment - done
      • cppu - rename cppu::EnvAwareReference -> cppu::FreeReference - done
      • cppu - rename MutexEnvironment dir -> UnsafeBridge dir - done
      • cppu - rename ThreadEnvironment dir -> AffineBridge dir - done
      • see why impress crashes
      • do threading tests - with component, with the office
      • convert rest of office services to be thread unsafe.
      • convert dtrans to thread affine?
      • Rename Threading Model impl to Threading Framework?
      • See if I can optimize the "identity mapping" somehow.
    • Possible order of integration
      • some clean ups
      • async dialogs
      • thread framework (depends on clean ups)
      • vcl thread transparency (depends on thread framework, async dialogs)
      • revised uno threading architecture (depends on thread framework)
      • revised ooo threading architecture (depends on thread framework, vcl thread transparency)
  • Move Uno to stuff into the Uno Wiki.
    • Update to reflect latest wiki chanages.

Some Links

Wiki Questions

  • Is there way to include a list of recent changes on the Uno Wiki page?
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