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My full name is Hristo Simeonov HRistov

  • Born: 1975 in Lom, Bulgaria
  • I live in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Master's degree in Information technologies.
  • Hobbies: Computers, books, movies.

I'm born in a little town near the river Danube - Lom. I staied there till my 7th class graduete and then I moved to Pravetz to continue my study with computer in the technical school which was craeted four years ago. These years, that school was very prestige schoole and there were a lot of candidates on the entrance examination. The minimal score to pass the examination was high and it wasn't so easy to get in. There I get my first learnings about real world of computers and programming. There I learned programing languages Pascal and C. Then after an year and a half in the army I go to Technical University in Sofia. In my fourth year of education I started to work as Java programmer in ProSyst ProSyst where I learned Java and till today I'm working there.

Six years ago, I started to investigate the world of GNU/Linux. I started with Mandrake Linux (now Mandriva) and I liked it. I'm still using this distribution and it is very good. When I started to learn using Linux, I needed a word processor program to write my Diploma paper. So, I get and it helped me to do it. I liked that product and started to use it anywhere in my work and at home.

Not finished yet.

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