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aesthetic prosthesis

In Propdental wager relating to the how much are braces sleeves and metal-free aesthetic crowns.

We recommend the aesthetic with zirconium prosthesis, we do
for his or her transmission homes of sunshine similar to healthy teeth, biocompatibility, white as adaptation, resistance and substantial fracture
Zirconium prosthesis

The prosthesis with zirconium propdental characterised by wisdom teeth pain affected person
satisfaction and fantastic success of features, dental implants cost attractiveness, beauty dentistry, resistance, biocompatibility and reliability of long-term sturdiness.

zirconium covers the teeth make it easy for the right best teeth whitening
within the new teeth by natural means recovering affected person propdental dental clinics
dental aesthetics desired and letting to obtain an ideal smile.


We believe that the zirconia prepared with dental CADCAM technological innovation represents innovation and aesthetic prosthesis goodbye to
steel mounted prostheses

The dental CADCAM layout and manufacture Teeth Whitening Reviews home
pc by means of CADCAM tooth or dentures fixed with precision.

To the nuclei of zirconium visitmade and produced with
CADCAM dental porcelain is placed characterised with prosthetic teeth 100% natural

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