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*Sports: Running, weight training (just for fitness not to become Mr. Universe :-))
*Sports: Running, weight training (just for fitness not to become Mr. Universe :-))
*Music: Listening and [http://www.myspace.com/scenariogermany playing drums]
*Music: Listening and [http://www.myspace.com/scenariogermany playing drums]
*Computer: playing
*Computer: playing (Role-playing and Ego-Shooters)
[[Category:Quality Assurance]]
[[Category:Quality Assurance]]

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Helge Delfs

working for Sun Microsystems GmbH as a QA Engineer in automation area which means software testing with utilization of a testtool. Before joining SUN I've been working also in QA but in the metalworking industry responsible for production control, final inspections and programming of 3D-Coordinate Measuring CNC-machines.

Responsibilities at SUN

Automation of components:

  • StarOffice Writer
  • StarOffice HTML Document
  • StarOffice Master Document
  • creating automated tests (test case specifications)
  • Windows master workspace automation
  • QA tooling (see 'Further projects')

Responsibilities on OOo

  • Responsible that all test scripts contributed to the community are working fine
  • Automation Project pages
  • With relaunch of OOo QA project beginning of 2007 I accepted the title 'OOo Automation Team Lead' to bring SUN and OOo automation more together.

Further projects

With background from my previous job I was familiar with documentation and validation of testresults. Testtool wasn't able to handle this so I decided to develop an application that does documentation and validation of testresults created by testtool. Stay tuned....this will be online for OOo soon.


  • Sports: Running, weight training (just for fitness not to become Mr. Universe :-))
  • Music: Listening and playing drums
  • Computer: playing (Role-playing and Ego-Shooters)
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