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== Responsibilities at SUN ==
== Responsibilities at SUN ==
Automation of components:<BR>
*Project lead [http://qa.openoffice.org/qatesttool Automated GUI Testing] at [http://www.sun.com Sun Microsystems]
*[http://www.openoffice.org/product/writer.html StarOffice Writer]
*StarOffice HTML Document
*StarOffice Master Document
*creating automated tests (test case specifications)
*Windows master workspace automation
*Windows master workspace automation
*QA tooling (see 'Further projects')
*QA tooling (see 'Further projects')

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Full name: Helge Delfs
working for Sun Microsystems GmbH as a QA Engineer in automation area which means software testing with utilization of a testtool. Before joining SUN I've been working also in QA but in the metalworking industry responsible for production control, final inspections and programming of 3D-Coordinate Measuring CNC-machines.

Responsibilities at SUN

Responsibilities on OOo

  • Responsible that all test scripts contributed to the community are working fine
  • Automation Project pages
  • With relaunch of OOo QA project beginning of 2007 I accepted the title 'OOo Automation Team Lead' to bring SUN and OOo automation more together.

Further projects

With background from my previous job I was familiar with documentation and validation of testresults. Testtool wasn't able to handle this so I decided to develop an application that does documentation and validation of testresults created by testtool. Currently it is available on OpenOffice.org and was named QUASTe. See further details on project homepage


  • Sports: Running, weight training (just for fitness not to become Mr. Universe :-))
  • Music: Listening to music and playing drums
  • Computer: playing (Role-playing and Ego-Shooters)
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