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Nlcsmall.png Welcome to the Localization project Wiki page!

Localization project provides tools and creates workflows supporting localization and the internationalization of making it ready for your language.

This project relies on an effort of native-language teams, project members of Native Language Confederation project, to build a great language experience for all users worldwide, maintain translations for more than 100 languages, test and release localized installations and language packs, create localized documentation and official website, support and promote among users, partners and developers.

These wiki pages contain useful information how to to support your language in and release a localized version. Joining your Native Language project is a great opportunity to help spread our loving software and the idea of software freedom by making it accessible to more users.

When you first start at, everything is new, and the procedures may be different from other projects you've experienced. Continue reading and find out how you can contribute to your native language project or start a project to add a new language. To get in touch with the translations community please come and ask for some advice on the mailing list (browse archive), or on the IRC channel.

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