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That's just my personal list of UNO APIs I would like to change incompatibly, if we are ever allowed to. Note there's much more than this. I just can't remember at the moment, but when working with API, I regularily encounter things which now will hopefully appear here over time.


  • XRowSetSupplier: setRowSet should be allowed to throw a NoSupportException
  • There should be an interface merging XRow and XResultSet. Both are nearly always used together, and having to work with two interfaces, one for navigating through the result set, and one for querying the actual values, sucks.
  • XContent should have direct access to selected properties. Asking for a given property by executing a command named getPropertyValues, which returns a XRow/XResultSet, through which you need to navigate, is absolutely ridiculous.
  • various XDatabaseMetaData methods should take anys instead of strings. For instance, getTables should take an any for the schemaPattern, where NULL indicates "all schemas", as in JDBC.
  • XPropertyContainer::addProperty should allow for NULL defaults, by separating between the type of a property, and its default.
  • XSet should allow for for non-mutable implementations, by throwing a NoSupportException at the insert/remove method
  • XFilter::filter definitely needs to allow for more than a RuntimeException. At least a WrappedtTargetException is mandatory here.
  • DoubleInitializationException and AlreadyInitializedException save the same purpose, so they should be consolidated into one exception class. And of course this new class should not reside in module ucb or frame, but in some generic module (util<code>? <code>lang<code>? <code>beans<code>?). Probably, XInitialization.html::initialize should throw this exception then.

Exception declarations

  • XFilter::filter should be allowed to throw exceptions (<code>InvalidArgument, InsufficentArguments, or the like)
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