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Personal Information

Initials: es
Full Name: Éric* Savary -
Role: Writer QA Engineer
Member of the project: since the early beginning and even before... (= since 1997)
Location: Berlin, GERMANY
Company: Star Division > Sun Microsystems > Oracle >...

*In French - at least! - accentuated letters remain accentuated even if they are capitalized! If you write on Windows with a French keyboard layout which has - unfortunately! - no way to get accentuated capitals, please type 'Alt+0201'ric when writing to me! It will distinguish you as a smart gentleman or lady! ;))

Competence areas (QA)

Italic = Not only Writer but whole Office
  • Sun Weblog Publisher Extension
  • Sun Wiki Publisher Extension
  • Navigator
  • Fields + References
  • HTML & Web-Layout (project stalled: only huge regressions or crashes handled)
  • Master documents
  • Notes
  • Indexes/Tables of Contents
  • Biblography
  • Toolbars
  • Accessibility
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Icons
  • Hyperlinks
  • Fonts
  • Clipboard
  • Character input

Spoken languages

(from "perfect" to "bad")
  • French (native speaker)
    • German (fluent)
      • English (good)
        • Brazilian Portuguese (small talk)
          • Russian ("advanced beginner")

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