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Hi, there! My name is Jason Stephenson. I am new to, but I plan to help out with the native Mac OS X port.

I have started a blog where I'll post updates about my progress on working with OO.o and the Mac OS X native port.

I have added a page, called /LeopardBuild, with my procedures for building the native Aqua OO.o on Mac OS X Leopard. The instructions on that page are meant to supplement the AquaBuild instructions and not to serve as a replacement for them. I assume that you have already the AquaBuild instructions and understand them.

For those using Colloquy in IRC, I have a modified version of the plaintext.xsl to convert Colloquy transcripts to plaintext. This one addresses the problem that the "official" one has when the same person says more than one thing in a row. /Colloquy

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