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Current OO.o planets:

Other planets


Planets are not only destinations they are feeds.

Plant as feed-odfp.png

Planet as feed-ws.png


By URL convention:

For many organizations their planet is easily found by convention:

  • www.jabber.org -> planet.jabber.org
  • www.mozilla.org -> planet.mozilla.org
  • www.gnome.org -> planet.gnome.org
  • www.go-oo.org -> planet.go-oo.org

For OpenOffice.org

  • www.openoffice.org -> planet.services.openoffice.org
    • that should be changed during site migration IMO -
    • this directly relates to primary target audience, IMO

By site navigation

  • bottom of NEWS page
  • bottom, right hand column, My Pages page
  • edit/blogs page (linked to from locations above)
  • NL linked from NL project page
  • UX linked from UX Wiki page



Embedded / Stand alone

Native Language Planet embedded in OO.o web page

UX Planet as stand alone web page

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