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Day 1 - environment: Vista Home Sp2 (32bit), OO.o 3.2, Odt2Daisy 2.1

Alright for the first run here I pushed three documents through the export filer.

The documents had NOTHING done with regards to prepping them for export to a reader. 

After running the full daisy export a directory tree is generated with the following structure


- audiobook

- daisy202

- z3986

File 1: Text only.

Input The Book of Tea.odt ( 80 KB )

Output: ( 61.7 MB )

Comment: Export ran to completion - no problems found.

File 2: Text, Graphics, Tables

Input: 0101GS3-IntroducingOOo.odt 

Output: ( 394 KB )

Comment: Export does not finish. zip file contains intermediate output files when export ends with error message.

File 3: Text, Graphics, Tables

Input: 0102GS3-IntroducingOOo.odt

Output: ( 38.6 MB )

Comment: Export runs to completion. I haven't really checked the content, beyond a cursory view yet. 

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