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CSV file formatted data is still commonly used and is arguably the first required format for any database export utility. However, XML is rapidly approaching a par as being the other first required data export format.

The default database , HSQLDB, as incorporated into Base currently has no XML generating capabilities

In parallel with the work on the CSV export I purpose to work on a simple XML export also. This effort will utilize parts of the basic library being created for the later. The effort here will be therefore to produce the first implementation in OOBase as much as a prototype as anything.

Much of the information needed to handle this function is identical to that required for any export.

The XML export should support a number of different modes.

At it simplest it would generate a file containing a sequence of XML tags and values mirroring the data format in an CSV file. It would also mimic the filing naming scheme used by the CSV export. This would be a type of flat data dump in other words. Another mode would be a simple group oriented nested output. This might be simply an object named <ExportObjectName><Row Name><seq>Columns</seq></RowName></ExportObjectName> format.

Finally a mode using a mapping file to represent more complex data structures. One possibility of a format for this would be an XSD file.

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