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David N. Wilson is the originator of the Bibliographic project. Why he did this is explained in an interview. His personal home page. Some biographical info.

OpenOffice Bibliographic Project

If you are interested in the Openoffice Bibliographic project you should first visit our web pages for an explanation of the project and its aims, after that, you could look at the

Index to Bibliographic wiki pages - This wiki site contains more dynamic documentation that members of the OpenOffice community are developing. We invite comments by any interested people.

Australian English Spelling Dictionary

I have started a project to improve and maintain the Australian-English Spelling Dictionary. I and several others have put together the Australian English Spelling dictionary that is currently packaged with the English dictionaries in the OpenOffice 3.1 distribution. It is available as an add-on extension for OpenOffice 3.0 at [1]. And can be added to OpenOffice 2.0 [2].

Comments and Discussion about the Bibliographic Project

You are invited to add comments on the Discussion page (using the tab above).

The originator of this project is David Wilson. Bruce D'Arcus of the Geography Department of Miami University is the co-project leader and metadata guru. We would be please to hear from you, also please feel free to tell the community about what interests you and what you would like to find in this project. Contact the Bibliographic Project by it's discussion lists at or

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