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Better Defaults

Default spreadsheets should only have one sheet

Especially since Kohey's patch.

F4 should switch between absolute/relative values

At the moment, it's (Modifier)+F4, while F4 displays/hides the Data sources.

  • It's a very basic/frequently used function of the spreadsheet, so the shortcut should be simple, with no modifier.
  • It would make the transition with Excel easier.

Grouping in DataPilots

The problem

There is a nice a convenient grouping feature for Data Pilots that is unfortunately not easily discoverable.


It should be possible to access this function using the contextual menu.

The contextual menu for a DataPilot counts fewer items than the regular context menu (7 menu entries, 1 separator / 10 menu entries, 4 separators ), so adding one more entry should be acceptable.

|Start...        |
|Refresh         |
|Filter...       |
|Group Data...   |
|Delete          |
|Cut             |
|Copy            |
|Paste           |

Additional Proposal

This function should not be accessible with Data > Group and Outline > Group but with Data > DataPilot > Group Data...

Formatting in DataPilot

The problem

Because formatting of data pilots is Style-based, every data pilot of a same file will have the same formatting. This is a problem when you need to have plain numbers and percentage, for instance. This problem is made worse by the fact that refreshing of a dataPilot overwrites direct formatting.

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