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  • [no issue open] Read Only files should be open in R/W mode see Removing RO mode
  • [no issue open] Focus under MS Windows XP
  • [no issue open] PDF generated by OOo are printed upside down

For more details, see :


  • Issue 89232 Fill operations should not touch filtered rows. [Fixed in Symphony]
  • Issue 12666 autofilter works just on one sheet (only one auto-range per file) [Fixed in Symphony]
  • Issue 85305 Dynamically grow a filtered range for autofilter [Fixed in Symphony]
  • Issue 47600 Sheets don't print when print range defined on another sheet (+ ODF conformance problem)



  • Issue 95345 Impress Table: Added rows don't inherit formatting of above
  • Issue 109069 Resize shape to fit text re-applied upon reload (looks like it's fixed in OOo 3.3)


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