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Points to address about Issue 47600

Detailed specification on Regina's page

new behaviour of the application (Consensus OK)

  • When you create a new file : table:print should be set to true (or not set) on every sheet.
  • When adding a print range on a sheet, other sheets should not be altered.

Interface (to be further discussed)

Sub menu in Format > Print Ranges menu


   Format > Print Range > Define

Proposal discussed

   Format > Sheet Print Settings (tbd : or keep the initial item "Print range")  
                                 > Add print range
                                   Define print range (tbd : remove it to unclutter the menu / keep it, as it's often used cf. Feedback data)
                                   Edit print ranges...
                                   [x]Default print range (tbd : Undo Print Range or Remove or Delete or Print entire sheet)
                                   [x]Don't print this sheet (tbd : Use affirmative sentence "Print this sheet", or "Exclude sheet"  
                                                                      Replace this with two menu items  Enable Print - Disable Print

If it is agreed to exclude the repeat column/row options from the Edit print ranges dialogue (see below), the menu will have to be updated accordingly.

Edit print ranges dialogue

  1. Remove the "none" option
  2. Put the repeat row/columns options in a different dialogue : cf. Regina's proposal

Contextual menu in Page Break preview mode


   Context Menu >  Define Print Range
                   Add Print Range
                   (Undo Print Range)

Legacy files handling (to be further discussed)

According to the ODF spec, sheets with the table:print attribute set to false should not be printed. Unfortunately, OOo currently sets this attribute to false for every sheet of a new file. It has been decided to fix this in order to have a behaviour of the app which is more predictable and compliant to the specs. The problem is that if the application behaves correctly, the files created with a previous version of the app without any print range, won't print at all. This is the majority of the files.

  • Solution A : when all the sheets of a spreadsheet have their attribute table:print set to false, automagically set them to true. Pros: it will fix the problem seamlessly for most cases. Cons: it becomes impossible to have a spreadsheet with all sheets excluded from printing (but who would do that?)
    • Solution A1: test the version of the last editor of the document. Pros: it allows the new application to have files with all sheets set to "don't print" Cons : more code complexity, slows the opening process.
    • Solution A2: don't test it.Pros : no impact on perfomance and complexity of code. Cons : impossible to have a spreadsheet with all sheets excluded from printing (but who would do that?)
  • Solution B : Inform the user why it spreadsheet won't print. Pros: nothing is done automatically to the file. Every user will get the warning, which can be very disturbing and

Christoph's answer:

  • Don't touch existing documents when opened (One reason is that people would open a document and instantly get a "changed" notification without doing anything. From experience it is known that people can get really angry ;-))
  • The code changes for the print dialog can be re-used for numerous other print problems. They are not specific to any ODFversion.

Steps to implement the behaviour (to be further discussed)

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