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''Apparently, it's fixed in LibreOffice 3.3 beta 3 and maybe also in OOo's latest version''
''Apparently, it's fixed in OOo 3.3 ''

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Apparently, it's fixed in OOo 3.3

Resize shape to fit text Issues

IZ 109069 is closely linked with IZ 83766 as they both relate to a non satisfactory behaviour of the "Resize shape to fit text" option

The ODF perspective

AFAIKT, the is linked to the draw:auto-grow-height / draw:auto-grow-width attributes.

The spec says "height of a drawing object should automatically increase if text is added to the drawing object". So, it should still allow to manually resize the drawing object.

Possible solutions

Not updating height/widht on document load

It looks like the problem is linked to when the shape gets updated. I think the shape should be only updated :

  • When some text is added
  • When some text is deleted or modified (this is not in the spec though)
  • When the option is getting checked.


Could simplify the code


In case the font used is not installed on the computer where the file is open, the size might not be appropriate. To me, that's a "normal" drawback of not handling missing fonts.

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