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While has internal support in the Windows desktop integration for the system file browser, providing thumb previews of files (see source code), such a feature is completely missing in its KDE integration.

The idea here is to develop a plug-in for KDE file managers (Dolphin and Konqueror) to preview files (Open Document Format) as thumbnails. Although this could be integrated into source code, I find it better to distribute the plug-in as a KDE extension, because it is developed using only the KDE API, and so it does not need to be installed for it to work.


  • the plug-in only works for Open Document Format files (the default file format since 2), not the old binary file format
  • the plug-in only creates a thumbnail when the document already has a thumbnail file (ODF files are zip files, the plug-in searches for the Thumbnails/thumbnail.png file inside it). This means that there is no thumbnail preview for Base files (or in case the ODF file has no Thumbnails/thumbnail.png, or the thumbnail.png is corrupted)
  • when the document is digitally signed, the plug-in reflects this fact by painting a signet on the upper right corner of the thumbnail. This is done slightly different from the way does it in its Windows integration:

Preview of a digitally signed file on Windows file browser
Preview of a digitally signed files on KDE 4.3 Dolphin
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