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Claus Agerskov

Claus is an open standard, Free Software and Open Source evangelist.

Current projects

Open Project Management Exchange Format (OPMEF)

Initiator and maintainer of the project for creating an open standard format for exchanging project management data with contributors from the project management tool projects GanttProject, KPlato, Project-ON-demand, TaskJuggler and OOPM.

Maintainer of the unofficial Danish OpenDocument site with information in Danish about the OpenDocument format. OOPM

Co-lead of the Project Management Tool Subproject which is in its initial phase analyzing what the coming users want to see in a project management tool which will be close connected to the office suite.


Coordinator of the free and open Danish financial accounting system Saldi. The system is in a functional beta stage.

Saldi is programmed in PHP and uses a PostgreSQL database as its backend. If the system is going to be a success then it might be integrated with

Brief history


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