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Claus Agerskov

Claus is an open standard, Free Software and Open Source evangelist.

Current projects OOPM

Co-lead of the Project Management Tool Subproject which is in its initial phase analyzing what the coming users want to see in a project management tool which will be close connected to the office suite.


Coordinator of the free and open Danish financial accounting system Saldi. The system is in a functional beta stage.

Saldi is programmed in PHP and uses a PostgreSQL database as its backend. If the system is going to be a success then it might be integrated with

Brief history


  • Website: AgerCon
  • Email:
  • Phone: +45 27 59 69 96
  • Mail:
    • Claus Agerskov
    • Robinievej 129
    • DK-2620 Borup
    • Denmark
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