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ToDos and potential ToDos


Clear Separation between C and C++ and Core Components

  • Move C++ stuff from cppu to cppuhelper.
  • Move cppuhelper bootstrap stuff to Binary UNO and let it provide a 'C' interface. Implement current cppuhelper API as wrappers.
  • Move cppuhelper/shlib.cxx into the library loader. Let the library loader provide a C/C++ API.
  • Move cppuhelper/component_context.cxx into into its own core component.

Module Naming Clean up

Simplification and Performance

  • Remove the Binary Uno ABI (struct uno_Interface) and friends, replace it with one of the platform C++ ABIs.
  • Support direct access of Uno types in IDL, without includes.
  • Let the *makers retrieve type information from the type providers and not from rdb files.
  • Harmonize initial object access for Remote Uno and components -> it is actually the same.
  • Leverage Purpose Bridges for global variables, e.g. the "ServiceManager" or the "ComponentContext". Use this for bootstrapping as well. E.g.
    Reference<XComponentContext> cppu::getComponentContext();
    always returns the current component context. It is usable in components, libraries or applications and may even bootstrap UNO, if no context is available yet.
  • Remove all exception specifications.
  • Consolidate the Binary Uno structs "uno_Environment" and "uno_ExtEnvironment".
  • Remove #ifndef EXCEPTIONS_OFF macros, actually C++ Uno is not useable without exceptions anyway.
  • Is SAL_CALL really necessary for "inline" stuff? If not, remove it.
  • Unify command line interface for all Uno tools.


  • Introduce process lifecycle based on living threads.
  • Have Uno package support for the URE.
  • Move the UCB into the URE.
  • Move the configr mgr. into the URE.
  • Uno alien type support e.g. for Java (e.g. a type description provider implemented in Java based on Java reflection).
  • A Uno-SOAP Bridge.
  • Allow (remote) proxy detection, needed for remote detection and optimizations.
  • Zones.
  • Write man pages.
  • Various IDE integrations.
  • Allow connection parameters in environment descriptions for URP environments, e.g. "urp,socket=<port>,host=<name>".


How about type providers for Java Archive files, .NET assemblies?

That way, we can hold types the way that best fits, i.e. the target language of the component (→ no need to deploy both rdb and jar anymore). And this embraces the "*makers read from type manager/type providers" feature (→ I can generate types for lang A out of types from lang B without an intermediate format).

This is basically what I meant with "alien type support" ~~kr

The Clear Separation between C and C++ and Core Components ideas sound nice. During the mono-port of cliuno (mostly port from Managed C++ to C#) (not quite complete yet, sorry) I had to make C wrappers for cppuhelper bootstrap stuff (so that I could P/Invoke them). IIRC there was also a part where I wished I had a C API for the shlib loader, can't remember the details, though.

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